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How Should Covid 19 Vaccine Preservation and Storage Be Done?

How Should Covid 19 Vaccine Preservation and Storage Be Done?

Covid 19, which entered our lives at the end of 2019 and left the whole world to grapple with an epidemic that it could not get out of yet, continues to change shape with the discovery of different vaccines. The biggest precaution for Covid 19, which continues its existence with different variants while finding vaccines, testing stages, and distribution, is still the use of masks. However, the availability of vaccines worldwide and the right storage conditions are among the steps that will strengthen our hands while fighting with Covid 19.

So what are the Covid 19 vaccine preservation conditions? Are Covid 19 vaccine preservation conditions achievable and what are their requirements? In this article, we have gathered the answers to the questions you may have about the storage conditions of the Covid 19 vaccines.

Covid 19 Vaccine Storage

With the collaboration of science and technology, vaccines have been used for many diseases from past to present and they are supplied to people in a healthy way. However, vaccines have an extremely perishable structure and it is possible to talk about their effectiveness only when the vaccines are distributed under the right storage conditions.

As of last year, most of the vaccines that have been started and developed are RNA-based. This increases the risk of deterioration in extreme negative or positive degrees. So, how do the relevant institutions provide the Covid 19 vaccine preservation conditions, how is the supply made? Among the Covid 19 vaccine preservation conditions, the most important is the preservation of the cold chain. The cold chain is actually a concept that has a great place in our daily lives.

Just as the temperature at which frozen foods are preserved from the moment they are prepared to the moment they reach the consumer is monitored so that they do not deteriorate, the same applies to the Covid 19 vaccine storage conditions. In other words, after the vaccines are prepared, the ambient temperature should be followed until they are applied to the people who will be vaccinated.

Storage and Preservation of Coronavirus Vaccines

The coronavirus is not a pandemic that affects any single country. Therefore, vaccines are supplied to almost every country in the world from different vaccines that are developed. Moreover, studies have indicated that a single dose is not sufficient in vaccines; two or even three doses are needed. That means more vaccine supplies. More vaccine supplies also mean a more complicated cold chain. There are some missing points in the currently implemented cold chain and development studies are required for the supply chain.

The ideal vaccine storage condition for many vaccines is known as-17.2 degrees Celsius. However, of course, this temperature varies for all vaccines developed based on different principles. This difference should definitely not be forgotten when talking about Covid 19 vaccine preservation conditions. For example, the ideal temperature for Moderna, one of the most common vaccines, has been calculated as -15.5 degrees Celsius.

Biontech, which is currently the most preferred and recommended vaccine in terms of protection, requires preservation at-34.5 degrees Celsius. As you can see, none of these temperatures can be easily obtained and maintained for a long time. In this respect, it is very difficult to provide the Covid 19 vaccine preservation conditions in the long term.

Vaccines Found, Supply Chain Failed

As you may remember, while vaccine studies were continuing rapidly one of the most mentioned issues was the Covid 19 vaccine storage conditions. While many countries were talking about the problem of obtaining the vaccine as soon as it was available, they were also talking about how vaccine storage conditions could be provided. In fact, researches on this subject show that almost a quarter of the vaccines in the first stage of vaccine supplies deteriorate when they reach their destination.

Due to the Covid 19 vaccine preservation conditions, the vaccine cannot be kept at the required temperature, and if this is noticed during transportation or in any subsequent process, the vaccines are destroyed. On the other hand, if the temperature cannot be maintained in some way and the vaccine is administered before this is noticed, it has been observed that the vaccine does not cause any side effects to the person.

However, of course, coronavirus vaccines that are not protected and supplied at the right temperatures lose their protection. Since there is a global epidemic, vaccine protection is of great importance. It is possible to avoid this problem by using the right medical cooler equipment.

Covid 19 Vaccine Preservation Conditions

As a matter of fact, the temperature ranges listed in the Covid 19 vaccine preservation conditions can be provided when the vaccine is on its way. However, maintaining the temperature in the supply process is of course more difficult. It is thought that the damage caused by not providing these temperatures is over 34 billion USD annually. Although this material damage may seem high, it loses its importance when the scale of the global pandemic and its moral and economic effects on countries are considered.

These losses can be compensated by providing the correct Covid 19 vaccine preservation conditions to end the pandemic. The increase in these losses will contribute to the faster spread of the Coronavirus, while also extending the time it takes for countries to leave the virus behind. Such a delay poses a great danger not only to health but also to the economy, education, and commerce.

Studies indicate that the number of covid vaccines needed worldwide is 12-15 billion. Considering the currently produced vaccines and their procurement stages, Covid 19 vaccine preservation conditions should also be provided and Covid 19 vaccines should be produced regularly. This will create a large increase in the number of vaccines expected to be produced annually, but existing companies are expected to be able to meet this need.

What is the Cold Chain Elements?

Whether it is a vaccine or any other product, the elements required to maintain the cold chain are airplanes, trucks, and cold storage. How these elements are provided determines the vaccine manufacturers and those who request the vaccine. The required storage temperature, which is counted among the Covid 19 vaccine preservation conditions, is provided when the vaccine is transferred from the point of production to the nearest airport by trucks.

Vaccines, which are transported by plane, are then transported to cold storage warehouses by trucks where suitable temperatures are provided. Of course, as we mentioned again, these processes may vary according to the needs of the receiving party. Likewise, it is possible for all vaccines to be transported directly to the points where the vaccines will be administered, without being transported to cold storage.

Duties of Related Parties in the Development of the Cold Chain

In order to develop cold chain processes, first of all, the producer point must be determined. If the place of manufacture is outside the country, domestic companies must allocate vehicles for domestic transportation and accessibility. The temperature inside these vehicles is also expected to be suitable for Covid 19 vaccine storage conditions.

Of course, Covid 19 vaccine preservation conditions are not only provided by transportation. Likewise, the personnel who deal with this issue need to be trained. Both the monitoring of temperatures and the different Covid 19 vaccine storage conditions of different vaccines should be included in the training of the relevant personnel.

It should also be determined how often the vaccines can be delivered to the destinations and met. Covid 19 vaccine storage conditions should also be provided at maintenance and storage points.

Of course, there is another point where all this connects. And that is the use of coolers that can provide Covid 19 vaccine storage conditions. Undoubtedly, these coolers cannot be used like existing standard coolers and require special production. This raises the issue of additional cost and distribution. In this context, the world’s leading logistics distribution companies such as UPS and DHL are making various investments. Eco vaccine refrigerator is one of the solutions offered. Thanks to the Eco vaccine refrigerator, an environment suitable for different newly developed vaccine varieties are provided. In this way, vaccine transportation becomes faster and hassle-free.

Vaccine Saves Lives!

Vaccines will not only save lives but will speed up the restoration of order. However, the most important thing to do in order to achieve this is to define and develop the cold chain. As the Covid 19 vaccine preservation conditions are met, we can talk about the delivery of vaccines to the whole world and the appearance of the light at the end of the pandemic.

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