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M260KN – 225 Liter

M390KN – 352 Liter

M660KN – 600 Liter

M900KN – 685 Liter

Blood Bank Refrigerator

The blood bank refrigerator makes it possible to store blood within the desired temperature values without any problems. Failure to store the blood, which should be stored in hospitals, blood centers, or laboratories, at the determined temperature values, causes the blood to deteriorate. This prevents the use of blood. For this reason, the mission of the blood bank refrigerator, whose main purpose is to ensure the systematic storage of blood in the right conditions, is very important.

Blood Bank Refrigerators

The blood bank refrigerator, which has different features in terms of size and width, varies in the model. These refrigerators, designed by utilizing the possibilities of technology, make it possible to store blood in suitable conditions and between temperature values without deterioration. The volumes of the blood refrigerators differ from each other. There are 225, 352, 600, and 685-liter blood refrigerators. The expansion of the volume makes it possible to see an increase in the number of blood bags to be stored at once. Thanks to the drawers in the blood bank refrigerators and the transparent plexiglass in the drawers, the blood bags can stand in an upright position.

Blood Bank Refrigerators Models 

The blood bank refrigerator varies in terms of models, and some of the features in the models may differ. The volume of the refrigerators is one of these differences. On the other hand, since the temperature ranges of the refrigerators are determined according to the blood, the temperature values also vary. The blood refrigerators with glass refrigerator doors also ensure that the blood is kept reliably. Some refrigerators have the ability to connect to the local network so that their data can be analyzed. In this way, refrigerator data can be analyzed in a short time without any difficulties. In addition, each of the refrigerators is designed in accordance with hygienic conditions.

Blood Bank Refrigerators Prices

Blood bank refrigerator prices, which are frequently asked, vary according to the features and structure of the blood bank refrigerators. For this reason, it is possible to reach the refrigerator prices after the desired refrigerator is determined. It is known that blood bank refrigerators which enable the safe and trouble-free storage of blood in many environments including hospitals and laboratories are very important.