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How Are Medical Freezers Organized?

How Are Medical Freezers Organized?

Medical freezers aim to store the products used in the health sector regularly, safely, and hygienically.

Shelves and the interior of medical freezers are designed to keep products organized and correct and to maximize working efficiency.

There are some rules for arranging medical freezers. Medical deep freezers are regulated according to factors such as how it works, hygiene standards, safety, performance, and capacity. These factors are usually determined and implemented by national or international health standards. Instructions for the use and maintenance of these devices are also provided.

Tag Products

You can benefit from the product labeling system when organizing a medical freezer. Especially if you are working with similar products, such a method of editing is vital.

Clearly defined items show healthcare professionals exactly what is happening in the unit. An item with a tag can get confused or lost easily; Therefore, careful labeling of all samples is very important during the medical freezer arrangement phase.

Thanks to this labeling method, employees can not only mix the samples and find what they are looking for easily. Also, separators and transparent containers can help you with this. This way, you can collect and store similar samples together. You can make a different arrangement by sticking colored labels on the containers.

Labeling products is essential in the medical freezer arrangement. Labels help identify and correctly rank products.

The expiry dates of the products should be labeled and constantly checked. This reduces the risk of products spoiling and protects patients’ safety. Applying this, especially in the medicine cabinet, gives both practical and safe results.

Labels streamline the stock control process and help keep products tracked. Tags make it easy to track when products were given and to which patients.

For these reasons, labeling of products is essential in the medical freezer arrangement. This should be done correctly and regularly.

Benefit from the Features of Medical Freezers

Medical freezers are generally devices that can control their temperature and may have different features according to the purpose of use. The general features of medical freezers are:

  • Precise temperature control: Medical freezers have exact temperature control systems. You can take advantage of this feature during the medical freezer arrangement. You can easily store the items that need to be approached sensitively in medical deep freezers and adjust the temperature.
  • Reliable storage: Freezers provide a safe environment for the storage of medical items. In addition to the appropriate temperature of the freezers, safe and stable preservation of the samples in the freezer is ensured with their durable structures and proper shelf arrangement.
  • Appropriate capacity: Freezers must have sufficient capacity to store medical items. If the product is loaded above its capacity, the medical freezers may not be able to perform the desired function; Therefore, it is essential to use it in accordance with the instructions for use and in the appropriate capacity. During the medical freezer arrangement, the excess should be removed, and the sample should be placed according to its capacity.
  • Easy to use: Medical freezers are easy to use with user-friendly designs. The width and height of the shelves are created according to the general average height of the people. It is adjusted so that employees do not have any difficulties when using medical freezers or when arranging freezers.

Reliable charging system: It is important that medical freezers have a safe and effective charging system. This makes them readily available in many places. Employees can sometimes use these freezers by unplugging them.

Group Similar Products Together

There are many reasons why similar products are grouped when arranging a medical freezer:

  • Efficiency: Grouping similar products together allows for more efficient and faster storage.
  • Organization: Since similar products are grouped, the storage environment becomes more organized and easily available. For example, easy access will be provided if the same type of blood bags are placed in one area in the blood storage cabinet.
  • Cost savings: Having similar products in the same place helps save employees time and energy; This saves money in terms of cost. Employees can become more active in their work. Making their work easier will contribute economically in every aspect.
  • Reliability: The coexistence of similar products makes it easy to follow up quickly and accurately and allows the current status of the products to be quickly followed. For example, even if the employees change due to the arrangement of the products, the next employee can easily continue the work from where they left off without having to make an arrangement again.
  • Collecting business data: Grouping similar products together makes collecting data on product usage or stock levels easier.

All these reasons show the importance of grouping similar products together in medical freezers.

You Can Do Multiple Jobs At The Same Time

You can try different ways during the medical freezer arrangement. For example, you can handle multiple organizational tasks at the same time.

If you are defrosting a manual unit, you can inspect and regroup the samples inside and separate the ones that don’t work. If you set aside a certain amount of time for this, you will have the opportunity to arrange the samples as needed.

You can throw expired samples or medications in the trash and organize the remaining items. While keeping the products that should not be thrown aside, you can also clean the cabinet’s shelves with appropriate cleaning products. After cleaning, you can conveniently place the remaining products on the shelves.

Make Sure You Sort Items Correctly

Organizing a medical freezer is as important as arranging the products with the right labels and ordering them correctly.

Products; should be marked with labels and contain information such as product type, expiration date, and stock number. Products should be sorted by expiration date or frequently used products first.

Expired products should be removed from the freezer while cleaning the product; Thus, the products that take up unnecessary space in the freezer will be removed, and the cabinet will work more healthily.

In addition, correct sorting during the medical freezer arrangement also saves you the energy and time that you will spend later; however, it can also prevent you from causing any confusion. When putting the products on the shelves, you can place them by putting the ones whose expiry dates are approaching forward; Thus, you will make a more practical and healthier arrangement.

Number the Products

During the medical freezer arrangement, the products should be numbered, and the numbering system should facilitate easy finding and tracking.

You can also number the shelves if you want. For example, you can place a special order of pain relievers on the first shelf and antibiotics on the second shelf. You can make a simple but effective arrangement by adding the products you have arranged and numbered on these shelves.

Positioning Products

The positioning of the products is very important when arranging the medical freezer. Correct positioning makes working more practical and efficient.

Products are arranged in the most convenient locations and used most effectively to increase the efficiency of the storage medium.

In particular, it is quite logical to position small products together and large products together. Small items can often fall to the floor on low shelves, while large items can remain stationary; Therefore, it is more appropriate to put large products in compartments close to the ground.

Putting small samples on the upper shelves can also be a challenge for the worker; for this reason, placing products that are not used frequently on the top shelves makes more sense. Placing small and usable products on the middle shelves will increase efficiency.

Take Care to Save Products

When arranging the medical freezer, the products should be recorded on a certain system and these records should be strictly followed.

The stock status of products, expiration dates, storage conditions, and other information can be recorded in a database or manually via a recording system. It will provide great convenience when arranging the cabinet when it is necessary to keep a record of the products in the cupboard. In addition, you can reach the product you need by looking through the system without disturbing the cabinet’s layout.

Once you do this during the medical freezer setup, you won’t have to deal with it again. This also saves you time and energy. In addition, it helps the cabinet to be used more efficiently in terms of space and energy.

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