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TA170 – 145 Liter

TA670 – 584 Liter

Medical Waste Cabinet

As it is known, in environments such as hospitals and clinics, medical wastes should be stored in special cabinets until waste collection vehicles arrive. Otherwise, microorganisms can reproduce, which can adversely affect the health of people. n order to prevent the reproduction of microorganisms, the wastes must be specially kept at +4 degrees. The medical waste cabinet basically makes it possible to store the wastes until the collection vehicles arrive. Since the medical waste cabinets differ from each other in terms of their volumes, there may be diversity in the models. We can say that the medical waste cabinets, which ensure the safe temporary storage of wastes with a blocked door, are very important.

Medical Waste Cabinets

Medical waste cabinets within the scope of medical waste cabinets basically ensure that medical wastes are stored safely and professionally for a certain period of time. Medical waste cabinets, which make it possible to carry out the storage process without any problems with their stainless steel inner bodies, have block door features. Medical waste cabinets, which make it possible to store the wastes until the collection vehicles arrive, can differ in terms of their qualities and volumes.

Medical Waste Cabinet Models

Although the medical waste cabinet models are different from each other, the purpose is basically the same: Storing medical wastes at +4 degrees and preventing the production of microorganisms. When the waste collection vehicles arrive, the medical wastes loaded into the relevant vehicles must be professionally protected during this period. We can list the features of medical waste cabinets, which ensure the preservation of waste, as follows:

It has glass-free block doors.

They have stainless steel inner bodies.

Polyurethane is used to provide professional insulation.

They have an electrostatic powder-painted outer bodies that are highly resistant to corrosion.

Each of the features listed above refers to the characteristics of medical waste cabinets.

Medical Waste Cabinet Prices

Medical waste cabinet has different internal volume in general. Therefore, each model is priced differently. After the desired medical waste cabinet qualifications are determined, it is possible to have clear information about the price, and thus, the purchase of the medical waste cabinets can be made easily. We can say that medical waste cabinets, which ensure reliable storage of waste, are very important.