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Solar Box

Solar Box 65 KG

Outdoor Cooler Equipment

Outdoor cooler equipment are special devices developed to convert renewable energy sources such as the sun into consumable energy.
The main purpose; These devices, which produce energy at the lowest cost, do not only offer low cost opportunities. These accessories, which are also of critical importance in terms of the environment and the use of renewable resources, are suitable for use in almost any outdoor area.

Coolermed Outdoor Cooler Equipment

Outdoor cooler equipment are home to various devices produced to meet different demands. These products, which have a very important function especially in areas where electricity or a similar energy source is not available, can produce electricity. At the same time, devices that can work with battery energy have different features.

These products, which are mostly designed as boxes and developed for outdoor use, take the form of panels by opening. It is also possible to use products that can generate electricity alone with the help of batteries. Therefore, it is possible to use these products in case of difficulties in accessing energy completely or partially.

Outdoor Cooler Equipment Models

Outdoor cooler equipment models differ according to their structural features. Technically equivalent models have two different standards, double or single. The technical features of both models show parallelism. Devices that can generate electricity outdoors where energy sources are not available also offer the opportunity to easily access coolers with the help of batteries. It is possible to meet the cold space needs by easily meeting the energy needs of outdoor cooler equipment called Solar Boxes. The outdoor cooler equipment models, which have an extremely simple working principle, are as follows:

• Solar Box
• Double-Solar-Box

It is possible for both models with similar technical features to be used outdoors to meet energy needs or cooling demands.

Outdoor Cooler Equipment Prices

Outdoor cooler equipment prices vary according to models. Depending on the functions of the devices specially developed for outdoor use, price differences may arise. The structural features of the outdoor cooler equipments, which are technically similar, differ according to the usage demands. In this context, preference should be made according to the usage demand.