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Outdoor Ultra Deep Freezer

The Outdoor Ultra Deep Freezer is suitable for outdoor use with the cold air it provides between -40 °C and -72 °C. It is possible to use ultra-deep freezers, especially when biological products must be stored outdoors in hot weather conditions. The ultra-deep freezers designed for outdoor use, offered in different models and alternatives, vary according to the ambient temperature and power characteristics.

Coolermed Outdoor Ultra Deep Freezer

The main function of Outdoor Ultra Deep Freezer products is to ensure the preservation of biological products outdoors by using a low energy source. When choosing between outdoor ultra-deep freezers with different volume alternatives, the most important thing to consider is the ambient temperature at which the device will operate.

These devices, which are designed according to a certain ambient temperature, can operate efficiently in different outdoor temperatures according to their features. These devices, which are mostly preferred for the storage of biological products, are also preferred for the purpose of shrinking metal products.

Outdoor Ultra Deep Freezer Models

Outdoor Ultra Deep Freezer models are designed according to the preferences of the devices. In this context, there is an extremely wide range of products. The models, which are suitable for use in almost every environment, have different features. Models of outdoor ultra deep freezers differ according to features such as “Volume”, “Operating Range”, “Climate Zone”, “Operating Temperature”, “Weight”, “Size”, “Control Unit” and “Energy Source”.

Ultra-deep freezer models suitable for outdoor can be listed as follows:

• Coolermed AC100LFR
• Coolermed AC200UFR
• Coolermed AC50LFR
• Coolermed AC50UFR

These models, which have different features, are suitable for use in different environments. When choosing between models, values such as outdoor operating temperature and climate zone should be considered.

Outdoor Ultra Deep Freezer Prices

Outdoor Ultra Deep Freezer prices vary according to the specified models and model features. Factors such as climate zone and volume are critical in determining the prices of devices. All models, all with microprocessors, are equipped with common features that can meet different demands. In this context, it is recommended to pay attention to personal demands and usage characteristics when making a choice.