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ECO170ASI – 125 Liter Vaccine Refrigerator

ECO250ASI – 225 Liter Vaccine Refrigerator

ECO250ASI – 225 Liter Vaccine Refrigerator (Kopya)

ECO375ASI – 350 Liter Vaccine Refrigerator

ECO380ASI – 325 Liter Vaccine Refrigerator

ECO670ASI – 600 Liter Vaccine Refrigerator

ECO900ASI – 673 Liter Vaccine Refrigerator

M170ASI – 145 Liter Vaccine Refrigerator

M260ASI – 225 Liter Vaccine Refrigerator

M390ASI – 352 Liter Vaccine Refrigerator

M400ASI – 286 Liter Vaccine Refrigerator

M660ASI – 600 Liter Vaccine Refrigerator

Vaccine Refrigerator
The vaccine refrigerator, which makes it possible to store vaccines at certain temperatures, prevents the deterioration of vaccines until they are used. The volumes of the user-friendly vaccine refrigerator differ from each other. In this context, more than one vaccine can be stored at the same time without any problems. These products, which have a glass or block-shaped doors, contain different features from each other and make safe storage of vaccines possible.
Coolermed Vaccine Refrigerators for Sale
Within the scope of the vaccine refrigerator, there are many products that basically have the same mission, and the features of these products may vary. In this context, some of the features within the products can be listed as follows:

There are products with a capacity of 71, 145, 225, 286, 352, 600, 685 liters.
Block doors or glass doors are used.
The inner body structure is made of stainless steel.
Thanks to the door lock system, unauthorized persons cannot open the cabinets.

The number of shelves may vary. At the same time, some of the products include shelf increase or decrease features.
Easy menu management ensures the comfortable use of products.
The above features are included in the vaccine refrigerators and make it possible to use the products comfortably and easily.
Vaccine Refrigerator Models
The vaccine refrigerator contains many models due to its different features. It is possible to list the models of vaccine refrigerators that can be easily used in environments such as hospitals and laboratories as follows:

M170ASI-145 Liter
MC60ASI-71 Liters
M260ASI-225 Liters
M390ASI-352 Liter
M400ASI-286 Liters
M660ASI-600 Liters
M900ASI-685 Liters

Each product has a menu option that can be used easily and comfortably. In addition, the presence of a Wi-Fi option for some products makes it possible to control the product remotely. The volume of the products makes it possible to reliably store more than one vaccine at the same time.
Vaccine Refrigerator Prices
Within the scope of vaccine refrigerator prices, differences may occur depending on the features of the products. Many criteria, especially width, technological features, user-friendliness, make it possible to offer products for sale at different prices. Each product ensures that the vaccines are kept at the appropriate temperature and makes it possible to keep the vaccines intact.