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What are the Medicine Storage Conditions in Veterinary Clinics?

What are the Medicine Storage Conditions in Veterinary Clinics

Veterinary clinics, where animals are diagnosed and treated, are also effective reference sources for issues such as care and nutrition. Veterinarians, who use medicine, equipment for care and control, provide care, diagnosis and treatment with information and material support. Veterinary clinics have many medical supplies for animals.

Medicines are among the most sensitive materials because they have a certain period of use. What are the medicine storage conditions in veterinary clinics? In this respect, medical cabinets have an important function for the storage of vaccines, drugs, and even waste. For this reason, we share important details about medicine storage conditions in veterinary clinics.

How Should Medicine Storage Conditions in Veterinary Clinics Be?

It is very important to store the medicine in suitable conditions in order to keep them intact until the expiration date. First of all, each medicine must be stored in accordance with the conditions specified in its package insert. Generally, room temperature is desired between storage conditions of medicines. In special cases, it may be appropriate to store it in the refrigerator.

A temperature of 20-25 degrees is ideal for medicines that need to be stored at room temperature. However, the temperature may vary depending on the climatic zones. There are also medications that can be stored at temperatures in the range of 15-30 degrees.

If it is stated in the user manual, the medicine can be stored in the refrigerator. The most important issue to be considered is the storage of medicines in a cool and dry place. Therefore, the kitchen and bathroom are not suitable for storing medicines. Considering the storage conditions of some medicines, it may be necessary to keep them at a temperature of 2-8 degrees. There may also be vaccines that require cold chain administration. Therefore, the use of medical refrigerants is an effective way to provide medicine storage conditions at the appropriate temperature.

One of the places where medicine storage conditions in veterinary clinics are important is veterinary clinics. Because the deterioration of materials such as medicines or vaccines used for diagnosis and treatment is risky for the health of animals. However, the fact that the medicines cannot be used before the expiration date also causes economic losses. In veterinary clinics, the storage conditions in the instructions for use of medicines should also be taken into account regarding drug storage conditions.

Medical Equipment and Medicines to be Stored in a Medical Refrigerator

Medical freezer; It is defined as the devices used for the storage of products and samples that need to be kept at a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees. Medical coolers can be used in hospitals, laboratories or veterinary clinics. The most important medical products that are sensitive in terms of temperature monitoring and require storage are medicines and vaccines that are subject to the cold chain.

In the cold chain application, it is important to maintain the temperature of +2 and +8 degrees from the place where the product is produced to the place where it will be delivered. Products subject to cold chain application can be listed as immune modulators, monoclonal antibodies, hormones, enzymes, growth factors, plasminogen activators, coagulation factors, immunological products.

Apart from medicines and vaccines, it is of great importance to use medical refrigerants for materials such as blood samples. In all health institutions and veterinary clinics, products should be checked by considering drug storage conditions.

What Should Be in the Veterinary Clinic?

Considering the health-related needs of animals, the importance of veterinary clinics and supplies is quite large. Veterinary supplies; It is defined as the mandatory materials that should be kept in the veterinary center, office or examination area. Timely intervention is very important for all animals, whether they are pets or not. Therefore, the things that should be in the veterinary clinic should be completed completely. What should be in the veterinary clinic, we can list as follows:

  • Electric operating tables,
  • Operating bed,
  • Anesthesia masks in different sizes,
  • Sterilizer,
  • First-aid kit,
  • Negatoscopes, basins and cotton storage boxes,
  • EKG latches and EKG point,
  • Vaginal speculum products,
  • Otoscope and ophthalmoscope sets,
  • IV pole and tromoles,
  • Device stands,
  • Transport stretchers,
  • Forehead mirrors,
  • Veterinary emergency transport table and veterinary table,
  • Veterinary transport stretcher and transport table,
  • Veterinary operation and examination table,
  • Dressing trolley and stretcher,
  • Emergency and trauma bag,
  • Medicine, treatment and intervention car,
  • Digital refrigerator rating,
  • Intensive care tents of different sizes,

A veterinary clinic is a healthcare facility for animals. Therefore, many materials are needed. In addition to the materials listed above, a sensitive product group is pharmaceuticals. In veterinary clinics, medicine storage conditions in veterinary clinics are of great importance, especially for medicines that need to be stored at a certain temperature.

Therefore, it is necessary to include medical refrigerator cabinets in veterinary clinics for the storage of materials such as medicines. You can also review Coolermed products on our website for the most suitable medical cooler for your veterinary clinic.

How Do You Know When Medicines Deteriorate in Veterinary Clinics?

The reason why medicines used in the treatment of animals are sensitive products, like all drugs, are their active ingredients and duration of use. Maximum benefit can be obtained from the medicines when the medicine storage conditions are applied in a healthy manner in veterinary clinics until the expiration date.

It is very important to check the drugs before use. If your current medicines or medicines in your veterinary clinic have the following symptoms, these medicines should not be used. If you notice that your medicines have deteriorated even though the expiration date has not passed, the medicine storage conditions in veterinary clinics should be reviewed. Here are the properties of spoiled medicines:

  • Clumping is seen in powdered medicines.
  • Color change and breakage are observed in tablet medicines.
  • Liquid medicines have sediment build-up.
  • On the other hand, if there is drying, bad smell and mold in the ointments, it indicates that they are spoiled.

The use of deteriorating medicines in veterinary clinics poses a great risk to the health of animals. Deteriorating medicines can cause serious reactions in the body of animals, which can cause fatal health problems.

Importance of Medical Cooler in Veterinary Clinics

Medical cabinets and medical coolers are among the materials most needed by the healthcare industry. Medical coolers are also ideal for medicines and other heat-sensitive products in veterinary clinics. That’s why we think it’s important to list the benefits of medical refrigerants.

  • It prevents the deterioration of the active ingredients of medicines, vaccines and samples due to heat.
  • Medical coolers comply with the criteria set by the Ministry of Health. This ensures that the medicines are stored correctly.
  • Medical coolers provide safe storage space for medicines.

Using medical refrigerants in veterinary clinics ensures that medicines and vaccines are kept at the temperature specified in the package insert. Therefore, Coolermed medical coolers are highly functional for medicine storage conditions in veterinary clinics.

Coolermed medicine cabinet ensures correct storage of medicines in environments such as hospitals or veterinary clinics. It plays an important role in keeping medicines without any problems until their expiration date. Especially the freezer and refrigerator sections of Coolermed medicine cabinets work separately from each other.

Thus, two different temperature settings can be made. Different medicament groups can be safely stored. In terms of medicine storage conditions in veterinary clinics, you can choose the appropriate product from different volume groups for your clinic.

Another striking element in Coolermed medicine cabinets is the SD card compartment. This feature allows you to keep your data in the cabinet for a long time. It is quite easy to program with the screens in the medicine cabinets. With Coolermed medicine cabinets, it becomes easier to create the necessary storage and storage space for medicine storage conditions in veterinary clinics.

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