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What Are The Vaccine Storage Conditions?

What are the Vaccine Storage Conditions?

Vaccination is an important element in the treatment of many diseases in the world. Vaccines are used not only in the treatment of disease, but also to prevent the risk of contracting the disease. Some types of vaccines are consumed rapidly due to the ever-evolving need. Others are kept so that they can be used when the time comes. Vaccine storage methods are used to preserve these inventories correctly. Because vaccines may lose their therapeutic properties when exposed to very hot or cold temperatures.

For this reason, strict precautions should be taken regarding vaccine storage conditions. At this point, it is important to provide the necessary equipment to store vaccines. With the help of products such as vaccine storage cabinets, vaccine storage conditions can be fulfilled. In our article, we answered the questions that many people wonder about vaccine storage conditions. 

Why Vaccine Storage Matters 

The importance of vaccine storage directly affects public health. Because vaccines, which are vital for humans, can only be used effectively when the right storage conditions are provided. Vaccines created to provide solutions to different diseases and conditions go through many stages after the production processes. In order for vaccines to be transferred to the necessary places, they must first be stored correctly. Possible negative risks come to the fore in the answer to the question of why vaccine storage is important. Because vaccines that are not properly maintained can pose a risk to the health of the patient.

For this reason, it is important to keep the vaccines, which are highly affected by cold and heat, at the right temperature and environment. In addition to providing the right environment, the personnel working in the storage of the vaccine must also be qualified and in sufficient numbers. In order to provide vaccine storage conditions for drugs and vaccines in pharmacies and hospitals, it is necessary to have the necessary technical equipment. Using the vaccine storage cabinet; vaccines subject to the cold chain can be stored within the vaccine storage conditions. Even the order in the vaccine cabinet is of great importance in the storage of vaccines.

For example, measles, rubella, POA, BCG and Hip are kept on the top shelf of vaccine cabinets due to their heat sensitivity. By fulfilling the vaccine storage conditions, it is possible for the vaccines to provide maximum benefit to the patients. 

Importance of Cold Chain in Vaccine Storage 

Vaccines are among biological products with a cold chain warning, such as insulins. The question of what is the cold chain can be answered as an important system that ensures that vaccines reach those who need them without deformation. Vaccines can deform rapidly in very hot or very cold environments due to their properties. If the vaccine storage conditions are not fulfilled properly, the vaccine may lose its therapeutic effect. A cold chain method is required for the correct storage of vaccines, which are vital for humans.

Among the products subject to cold chain application; immunomodulators, monoclonal antibodies, hormones, enzymes, growth factors, plasminogen activators, coagulation factors and immunological products. The things to be done for the cold chain system within the vaccine storage conditions are as follows; 

  • Placing Vaccines in the Refrigerator

When placing vaccines in the refrigerator, it is necessary to act by considering the sensitivity of vaccines to freezing. For this reason, it is very important for the personnel in charge to arrange the vaccines in the cabinet in accordance with the vaccine placement scheme. According to the vaccine placement scheme, 

  – On the top shelf: OPA, Hib, BCG, MMR, Measles and Rubella vaccines and meningococcal vaccine, apart from extenders, 

  – Middle shelf: DaBT-IPA-Hib, Rabies vaccines, 2.1.3 Bottom shelf: KPA, Hep B, Td, DT vaccines and PPD solution, vaccine diluents and antisera and influenza vaccine, 

  – Water bottles in the crisper, 

  It is recommended to provide an array of the form. 

  • Monitoring Vaccine Cabinets and Temperature 

One of the most important substances among vaccine storage conditions is heat monitoring. For this reason, one of the most important steps is to monitor the temperature of the vaccine refrigerator and the room in which the vaccine cabinet is located. While applying the cold chain system, many processes gain great importance. Even the smallest details need attention. Because people are a very important part of the cold chain system. The cold chain can only be effective with the correct use of the right equipment.

For temperature control in vaccine storage cabinets, help can be obtained from ice batteries. During freezing of ice packs, some space should be left in the mouth part. It is also important to make sure that the ice packs are not leaking. When placing ice batteries in the freezer, their sides should be exposed and they should be placed in such a way that there is air circulation between them. It should be frozen for at least 24 hours after settling, and the freezer should not hold ice thicker than 0.5 cm.

In addition, the temperature of the refrigerator should be checked at least twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Proper follow-up helps ensure that vaccine storage conditions are fully met. Thanks to this meticulous follow-up, the vaccines can be safely stored until the transfer process. 

 Vaccine Storage Ways 

When the vaccine storage ways are examined, it is seen that there are many devices specially produced for this process. This diversity in devices makes it easier for individuals and institutions to find the product that will ideally meet their needs. Among these devices, which are produced considering the storage conditions of the vaccine, vaccine cabinets come to the fore due to the features they have. 

Vaccine storage cabinets that offer a wide area of use; It is used in different places such as hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies. While the vaccine cabinets used in the pharmacy are more minimal in size, the devices used in the hospital can be quite large. Vaccine cabinets with larger internal volume make it easier to store a large amount of vaccine at the same time. Coolermed; makes device designs by considering the different usage areas of vaccine storage cabinets.

For this reason, it offers vaccine storage cabinets of different sizes and features to users. Coolermed; It includes a touch screen in the vaccine cabinet design. In this way, vaccine storage conditions can be easily tracked on the screen. This feature is also seen in Coolermed Eco vaccine cabinets. The Eco vaccine cabinet also has a defrost feature.

Thanks to the defrost feature, frost and ice formation in the cabinet can be prevented. Some of the Coolermed vaccine cabinets also have a Wi-Fi option. In this way, vaccine storage conditions can be monitored remotely. The Wi-Fi option in the vaccine storage cabinet also increases the dominance of the experts on the device, helping to prevent problems that may occur quickly. By using the Eco vaccine cabinet, an ideal solution can be created for sensitive products that need to maintain the cold chain.

In addition to the Wi-Fi feature, the SD memory card is assisted in order to prevent possible or occurring damages. Thanks to this feature in the vaccine cabinets, the damages can be easily recorded. In this way, it can be understood in a short time whether the fault is a recurring problem or not. 

Vaccine cabinet prices vary depending on the features and equipment of the products. By comparing the devices within the vaccine storage conditions, you can quickly reach the product that will ideally meet your needs. You can compare products to get detailed information about these factors that affect prices. Coolermed; stands out in the health sector with its high quality standards and product alternatives for different needs. Supported by new generation technology, medical cooler models draw attention with their long-term use. Coolermed coolers; It is among the most preferred products in many fields from hospitals to pharmacies, from blood centers to laboratories. 

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