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Maintenance of Medical Freezers

maintenance of medical freezers

Medical coolers are widely used in the health sector, because they can be used in numerous areas. Medical freezers, which ensure that many different products of vital importance such as vaccines, blood and drugs are stored under appropriate conditions and it is often possible to see them in hospitals, health centers or laboratories.

The importance of the products stored in the storage cabinets makes the maintenance of medical freezers stand out. Maintenance of medical freezers may differ depending on the characteristics of the products and the area of ​​use. In our article, we have gathered for you the answers to questions such as why the maintenance of medical freezers is important.

What is a Medical Cooler?

The question of what a medical cooler is can be answered as: “Medical coolers are cabinets that make it possible for products to be placed to stay at the predetermined temperature standards.”

Medical coolers are among the products that must be equipped with the features required by the state. It is quite possible to come across medical coolers when they are used for different purposes in the healthcare field and laboratories. Because medical coolers, thanks to their different features, ensure that various products, that need to be stored at low temperatures, are safely stored.

While ensuring the maintenance of medical freezers, its features must be taken into account. Because medical coolers allow the storage of vaccines, blood and many other medical products with certain standards of storage conditions. The common point of medical coolers, whose features and designs vary according to the area of ​​use, is the obligation to comply with the criteria determined by the Ministry of Health.

Medical Cooler Features

Medical cooler features can vary considerably depending on the purpose and for which the storage cabinet is produced. Because medical cooler models are specially designed in order to provide the highest efficiency to the product or substance stored in the storage cabinet.

The usage areas of medical refrigerator cabinets are the biggest difference between them. For example, blood cabinets, which are among the medical cooler types are only suitable for the storage of blood and blood products.

Blood storage cabinets, especially used in blood centers and laboratories, fulfill the conditions necessary for the blood not to deteriorate. Wide range of volume options allow the number of blood stored in the blood cabinets to increase considerably. All the features of the product are determined depending on the product to be stored and are designed to comply with the regulation.

Medical coolers, which have been made more functional with various technologies, can be protected with lock systems. Medical cooler models with this feature prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the products in the storage cabinet.

Among the medical cooler models, there are storage cabinet options with different size options. For this reason, product-oriented medical storage cabinets are often named after the product that is suitable for storage. Blood or vaccine cabinets can be given as an example.

Vaccine cabinets are used in many places such as health centers, hospitals, health centers, laboratories. Vaccine cabinets make it possible to safely store vaccines at the right temperature. At the same time, Coolermed vaccine cabinets provide ease of use in narrow or large spaces, thanks to their different volume options.

Medical refrigerator maintenance also varies according to the category of the storage cabinet. It would not be wrong to divide medical coolers into two within the framework of their usage areas.

It is possible to divide storage cabinets used in medical fields as indoor medical coolers and outdoor coolers. Blood and vaccine refrigerators are included in indoor medical cooler models because of their features and purposes of use.

Outdoor medical coolers are generally used during the transportation of medical products. Outdoor medical coolers provide protection against any external factor during the transportation of medical products.

Outdoor coolers have wheels that make it easy to transport. Wheels allow outdoor medical coolers to be mobile, regardless of their liter capacity. Medical cooler models, which attract attention with their durable structures, also ensure that the products inside are preserved for long hours at a certain temperature. Coolermed offers medical cooler models that stand out with their comfortable use and functional features.

Thanks to its innovative designs, Coolermed, which brings together different needs in a single device, aims to preserve in the best way possible.

Why is The Maintenance of Medical Freezers Important?

Maintenance of medical freezers is of great importance due to its usage areas and purposes. Deterioration of products such as vaccines, drugs and blood stored in a medical cooler can cause serious problems. For this reason, it is necessary to ensure the maintenance of medical freezers, taking into account the product characteristics.

Maintenance of medical freezers is among the issues to be considered due to the importance of cold chain. Blood is at risk of being affected by different temperatures and getting spoiled.

The temperature chosen for the cold chain differs according to the properties of the materials. Problems can occur when medical cooler maintenance is interrupted. Delivery of items such as blood and medicine, which may need urgent transfer, is very important. It is advantageous to make this transfer both with the right cold chain application and with a durable and functional device.

How to Maintain a Medical Cooler

Maintenance of medical freezers is crucial because the medical products stored in it are of vital importance. It is necessary to provide the right storage conditions in order to prevent the possibility of deterioration of substances such as drugs and blood. The efficient use of the device can also be ensured by the precautions taken for medical maintenance of medical freezers.

Proper use of the storage cabinets is among the top recommendations for maintenance medical freezers. It is of great importance that the door of the storage cabinet is not left open and that the right precautions are taken against a power cut.

Medical coolers need periodic maintenance. Because periodic maintenance makes it possible to quickly detect and prevent problems that may occur. Regular control of medical refrigerators, where important medical products are stored, also prevents possible malfunctions.

Maintenance of medical freezers first starts during the installation of the device. Medical coolers consist of different parts according to their model and design. Shelves, drawers, doors and all remaining parts need to be sterilized before use. It is important to repeat this process regularly.

All necessary precautions must be taken to ensure that sterilization products used during medical cooler cleaning do not come into contact with the products in the cooler. We have listed the answer to the question of how to maintain a medical cooler below.

  1. The maintenance of medical freezers should be done by experts and periodic maintenance should be done by the authorities.
  2. While maintaining the device, the characteristics of the medical cooler must be taken into account.
  3. In order to restrict the movement of outdoor medical coolers, it is advantageous that the wheels are regularly went to maintenance.
  4. Creating a watch list is important.
  5. Availability of spare parts for maintenance of medical cooler speeds up the process considerably. Spare parts ensure that the medical cooler is ready for use again quickly in case of problems.

Coolermed also provides safe use with its after-sales services. Coolermed provides fast and solution-oriented service in terms of keeping the products at high standards. Installation of all products is done by experts in their field and the personnel are trained on the use of products. In addition, Coolermed provides regular maintenance services. In this way, it is possible to increase the lifespan of medical coolers.

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