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ECO170ASI – 125 Liter Vaccine Refrigerator

ECO250ASI – 225 Liter Vaccine Refrigerator

ECO250ASI – 225 Liter Vaccine Refrigerator (Kopya)

ECO375ASI – 350 Liter Vaccine Refrigerator

ECO380ASI – 325 Liter Vaccine Refrigerator

ECO670ASI – 600 Liter Vaccine Refrigerator

ECO900ASI – 673 Liter Vaccine Refrigerator

Eco Vaccine Refrigerator

Eco vaccine refrigreators are one of the products that provide reliable storage of highly sensitive products such as drugs and vaccines. With its defrost feature, these cabinets can be used easily in areas such as hospitals and laboratories. Since it has an adjustable shelf feature in general, hundreds of products can be stored at the same time without any problems. It is possible to say that eco vaccine refrigerators can be used in many areas with their qualified features.

Coolermed Eco Vaccine Refrigerator

Eco vaccine refrigerator products differ from each other in terms of their volumes and qualities. Each of its features makes it possible to store products such as vaccines and drugs comfortably. It is possible to list the features of the Eco vaccine refrigerators in general as follows:

• It has a double door or a single door.
• Cold chain products are stored reliably and comfortably.
• It has an outer body structure that is highly resistant to rust.
• It includes the possibility of remote access via WI-FI.
• There is a wide screen option and operations can be performed much faster.
• It can be used in clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, pet clinics.
• Adjustable shelf system makes it possible to increase or decrease shelf options.

Sensitive products such as vaccines and drugs can be easily stored, as each of the above features enables eco vaccine refrigerators to be functional products.

Eco Vaccine Refrigerator Models

Eco vaccine refrigerators contain many models in terms of volume and features, and it is possible to list these models as follows:

• ECO170ASI-125 Liter
• ACO250ASI-225 Liters
• ECO375ASI-350 Liters
• ECO380ASI-325 Liter
• ECO670ASI-600 Liters
• ECO900ASI-673 Liters

Each model, in terms of its capacity, can store many vaccines and drugs at the same time. In addition, it prevents any deterioration of the products with its features in high-quality standards.

Eco Vaccine Refrigerator Prices

Eco vaccine refrigerators, created by utilizing the possibilities of technology, are offered for sale at different prices due to their features. The capacity of each product is different and this makes it possible to store more than one product at the same time. It can be stated that eco vaccine refrigerators, which are above the quality standards, are price-performance products.