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Coolermed AC100FR

Coolermed AC25FR

Coolermed AC50FR


The freezer enables the safe and trouble-free storage of medical products. It is very important to keep drugs, vaccines, blood and medical products at certain temperatures so that the products do not deteriorate. For this reason, medical products should be stored in freezers for safe use. In this context, the freezers offered after a special production process can be used easily in many areas.

Coolermed Freezers

Freezer products; With its volumes, qualities and durability, it makes it possible to store medical products comfortably. There is a double lock system on the cover of each of the products, thus preventing heat transfer. The offered products can be used as mobile vaccine, serum, drug, blood and serum stations as well as the storage of medical products. There are many features in the freezers and it is possible to list these features in general as follows:

• It can be used easily in fixed and long-term transfers and the safety of medical products is ensured.
• It can be used easily with solar panels and offers energy saving.
• With its volumes, hundreds of products can be stored reliably at the same time.
• The body structure is very durable, so the product can be protected against external factors.

Each of the above points makes it possible to use freezers in many areas and to store medical products comfortably and reliably.

Freezer Models

The fact that freezers have different features from each other provides a variety of models. In this context, freezer models can be listed as follows:

• Coolermed AC100FR
• Coolermed AC25FR
• Coolermed AC50FR

Each of the above models includes sufficient and highly qualified products. Each product, with its durable structures and heat-proof features, makes it possible to store medical products reliably and to transfer them for up to 15 hours.

Freezer Prices

Freezer prices vary according to various parameters. Volumes, qualities, heat-proof properties of products; may cause changes in prices. In this context, each product is evaluated within itself and offered for sale within the scope of its features. Freezers, which provide reliable, comfortable and trouble-free storage of medical products, are offered in different features.