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FD150 – 280 Liter

FD16E – 16/20 KG

FD4E – 4/5 KG

FD8E- 8/10 KG


Lyophilization, which is a technique that enables the drying of the material, first makes it possible to freeze the water contained in the products. Then the water is removed by sublimation. Sublimation, which allows the substance to pass directly from the solid-state to the gas state, eliminates the melting process of ice. Devices that enable the application of technology that has been used since the 1900s are called lyophilizers. Although lyophilizers are different from each other due to their features, the basic logic is the same in each lyophilizer.

Coolermed Lyophilizers

The working principles of lyophilizers are quite simple. It is possible to list the working principles of the lyophilizer in general as follows:


The sublimation process called primary drying

Desorption, known as secondary drying,

Working with three stages, which can be listed above, Lyophilizers are frequently used in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Freeze-drying lyophilizers, which preserve vaccines and other injectable products, come in many different models. Each lyophilizer basically extends the shelf life of vaccines and injectables. Therefore, it is possible to state that lyophilizers are very important.

Lyophilizer Models

The lyophilizer, which has a very important mission in the medical field, stands out with its different models. We can say that it is generally used for the following purposes with its features and qualities:

To prevent aggregation and particle formation.

To support the stability and effectiveness of drugs

To ensure easy storage of medical products

To provide sterile production facilities

Minimizing product damage

Each of the above points is known as the areas where lyophilizers are used, and each of the models makes it possible to store medical products quickly and without any problems.

Lyophilizer Prices

Lyophilizers, which use the lyophilization technique and extend the shelf life of injectable products such as vaccines, incorporate different features. In this context, it is possible to say that the models within the scope of lyophilizers vary within the scope of various features. This situation causes the prices to be determined according to the features and qualities of the lyophilizer. After the determination of the desired lyophilizers, it becomes possible to reach clear information about the price. Lyophilizers, which extend the shelf life of medical products and ensure their easy preservation, are offered for sale at special prices.