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What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Medical Cooling Device?

medikal soğutma cihazı seçimi yaparken nelere dikkat edilmelidir

Medical cooling devices are used in many different branches of the healthcare industry. Compliance with the legislation required by the state is sought in cooling devices, as in other medical devices. When choosing a medical cooling device, it is essential that it should be produced according to the criteria determined by the Ministry of Health. Reliability and technical equipment are important in the production of medical cooling devices.

Among the things to consider when choosing a medical cooling device are factors such as brand reliability, technical services, accessibility, spare parts, supply and widespread service network are effective. Medical cooling devices are especially used to store drugs, vaccine and blood. Which medical cooler should be preferred for the ideal storage of these vital products? We have researched for you what to consider when choosing a medical device for a practical and safe use…

Types of Medical Cooling Devices

The answer to the question of what a medical cooling device is differs according to the purpose of use. It is important to have options when choosing a medical cooling device. Cooling devices are designed with different features to store different product alternatives. Medical coolers allow safe storage of materials used during diagnosis and treatment. Medical cooling device types are mainly divided into indoor and outdoor coolers.

Indoor Medical Cooler Models

Indoor cooler models are designed to be used indoors. Among the medical cooler models that can be used indoors, the most needed ones are vaccine cabinets, freezers and blood cabinets.

Vaccine Cabinets:

When it comes to choosing a medical cooling device, vaccine cabinets also come to mind. Vaccine cabinets are used in hospitals, health centers and public health centers. Vaccine cabinets that allow vaccines to be stored safely have many features.

Among the things to consider when buying a vaccine cabinet are size, volume, lighting features, display, energy class, sound level and many more. In addition, the carrying capacity of the shelves, their comfortable use, how far the door can be opened, the audible warning system and defrost features are also effective in the decision-making process.

Blood Lockers:

Blood cabinet types stand out when it comes to the selection of medical cooling devices. Cabinets used to store blood and blood products are called blood cabinets. In these cabinets, blood products can be stored ideally for a certain period of time. During the storage of blood samples; heat, humidity and light conditions are important.

For an efficient performance from blood cabinets, it must be placed in a suitable area. The distance from the floor and the wall where the blood cabinets are placed, which should be positioned away from direct sunlight, is also very important. blood cabinets have accessories such as an alarm system, recorder, control and instrument panel.

Medical Freezers:

Medical freezers allow the systematic storage of medical products. Medical freezing devices, which are used in laboratories as well as hospitals, are used for medical products that require special conditions. Medical freezer models are designed according to different expectations and needs. For this reason, freezer cabinet models are also categorized according to their features.

Freezer cabinets need to be designed in such a way that they can be moved easily and can be easily integrated into different areas. Safe use of these freezers, which are used for the preservation of sensitive products, are also important for the cold chain.

Among the things to consider when buying a medical freezer: temperature range, capacity and usage features. When choosing a medical cooling device, it is necessary to choose the temperature range according to the type of product to be stored. Written or audible alarm systems also make it easier to decide on medical freezer models.

2. Outdoor Medical Cooler Models

When choosing a medical cooling device, it is necessary to know whether the cooler will be used indoors or outdoors. Outdoor medical coolers include coolers that can be easily transported to different areas. Under the heading of outdoor cooler; standard medical cooler features can be used. In addition to these, deep freezer models also have special designs for outdoors.

Standard Outdoor Medical Coolers:

Outdoor medical cooling devices allow safe storage and transportation of medical products with their features. Among the most important features of these cooling devices is that they allow the products to remain stable during transport. You can choose a medical cooling device by looking at its suitability and qualities for the area you will use.

For safe use during transfer, coolers must be resistant to impacts. Among the things to consider when buying an outdoor medical cooler are; The absence of heat transfer stands out. Cooler models that can be used with solar panels make it easier to use outside. The long transfer time is also among the determining criteria when choosing an outdoor medical cooling device.

Outdoor Medical Freezer Models:

Medical freezer models are used to store medical products at the required standards. With medical freezers, medical products such as drugs and blood are stored comfortably. Medical freezers to be used outdoors must have a durable structure that does not allow heat transfer.

There are some features to consider when buying an outdoor medical freezer. For example, models that allow safe use during long-term transfers should be preferred. Models that allow energy saving attract with their economical use. In addition, choosing a freezer with a suitable volume enables the products to be transported more efficiently.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Medical Cooling Device

The choice of medical cooling device is very important, as they enable the storage of vital products such as vaccine and blood. Long-term used medical cooling devices should be selected according to the needs. Devices that are used in accordance with the instructions and maintained regularly, safely store the necessary products. So, what should be considered when choosing a medical refrigerant?

The cooling device must be installed by experts. After installation and first control, the coolers can be used practically.

Capacity is very important when choosing a cooling device. Coolers designed with different volume capacities are produced according to needs.

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