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M180FR – 175 Liter

M260FR – 228 Liter

M390FR – 362 Liter

M670FR – 634 Liter

Medical Freezer

Medical freezer cabinets are known as cabinets that provide systematic storage of medical products in hospitals and laboratories. It is very important to store medical products under certain conditions in order to prevent deterioration. Since the storage conditions of each product may differ from each other, the models of medical freezer cabinets are also quite diverse. These freezers, which make it possible to store the most sensitive medical products, have features that can be moved easily in narrow dimensions. For this reason, it can be used in every area easily and without any problems.

Coolermed Medical Freezer

The medical freezer, which ensures the best preservation of medical products, has many varieties. These medical freezers, which differ in their features and qualities, basically make it possible to store even the most sensitive medical products in a systematic way. With high-quality production standards, medical freezers take a special place among qualified cabinet groups. Medical freezers with flexible usage features provide the storage of medical products in hospitals and laboratories. The temperature ranges of the cabinets may differ from each other. The qualities of the medical products to be stored also determine the temperature ranges of the medical freezers.

Medical Freezer Models

Medical freezer cabinet models generally have sizes that can enable them to be carried easily. For this reason, thin and long models can be easily moved in any environment. Since the operating temperature is determined by the storage conditions of the products, there may be differences in operating temperature between the models. It is known that there may be 175-liter medical freezers as well as 634-liter freezers. The difference in volume causes the number of products to be stored to vary. Some models have a touch screen and thanks to this screen, operations can be done much more comfortably. On the other hand, written and audible alarm systems also support the preservation of medical products with a reliable infrastructure.

Medical Freezer Prices

There may also be changed in the prices of medical freezer cabinet models, which differ in terms of their features and qualities. Within the scope of pricing studies, it is known that the features of the medical freezers are decisive. Since the features and volume of the medical freezer to be purchased determine the price of the medical freezer, it will be possible to reach the exact price after the medical freezer features are determined.