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Pharmaceutical Transportation

Pharmaceutical Transportation

Medical products used in the health industry are time sensitive and need to be protected sensitively. Reasons such as the treatment of diseases or the need for vaccines during epidemics have also increased the importance of timely access to these products. In this respect, storage and pharmaceutical transportation is as important as production.

During the pharmaceutical transportation, besides safety, the most important criterion is temperature. The temperature varies according to the product being transported. In cold chain applications, the temperature should be between 2 and 8 degrees. So, how to transport materials safely and healthily?

Medical coolers are especially preferred for the storage and transportation of medical products. Offering products with an innovative approach to the needs of the medical sector, Coolermed also draws attention with its outdoor coolers.

Regulations on Pharmaceutical Transportation

Every application, storage and transportation conditions related to medical products are determined by regulation. The regulation and guide issued by the Ministry of Health includes the qualities that the products must carry, the storage conditions and the logistics process.

Regulations such as the Regulation on Blood and Blood Products, Packaging Information of Medicinal Products for Human Use, Instructions for Use and Follow-up Regulation determine the conditions of use and storage specific to the medicinal product.

In addition, the equipment used for pharmaceutical transportation and the characteristics that medical devices must have are determined by the Medical Devices Regulation. The packaging of all medical products within the framework of the specified conditions, their storage by providing the appropriate conditions for the products and their transportation with appropriate vehicles are the issues to be considered within the borders of the regulation.

How is Pharmaceutical Transportation Made?

Fast solutions are required for the special conditions in which medical products must be stored and transported. Medicines must be transported in specially marked boxes. Some drugs and other medical supplies must be transported in special medical coolers as soon as possible. For this reason, the advancement of technology provides a great advantage for the health sector today.

Medical outdoor coolers, which are among the medical coolers that are most widely used, create great convenience in product transportation. Not only does it provide the desired temperature, but also it prevents the materials from being affected by factors such as humidity.

Medical supplies are easier to transport over short distances as the chance of spoilage is reduced. Following this, it is very likely that drugs and vaccines will deteriorate over long distances. Pharmaceutical distribution companies may prefer land, air and sea routes where the distribution chain is well organized according to their location.

Important Points for Pharmaceutical Transportation

The most sensitive issue during the transportation of medical supplies is maintaining the cold chain application. The cold chain plays an important role in maintaining the quality of refrigeration and temperature control of medical products before, during and after supply. It is a priority to protect the content and quality of the medical product from its production to the moment it is used. We can summarize the risks that arise during pharmaceutical transportation as follows:

  • Medical products are very sensitive to temperature. Protecting products that need different temperatures, such as drugs, vaccines, and samples, is difficult.
  • Damage to medical equipment during the transportation is very harmful to human health. Moreover, it can cause disruption of treatment and increase health problems.
  • Products that deteriorate without being used before expiration also harm the country’s economy.

The most important issue during the pharmaceutical transportation is to have clear information about the temperature at which the product should go. Medical refrigerator cabinets suitable for the product should be preferred. Reliable medical cabinets should be preferred, taking into account situations such as the absence of electrical energy, against the disruptions that may occur during transportation.

Equipment Used in Pharmaceutical Transportation

There are many medical supplies in the healthcare industry that may require transplantation. Transport for drugs, vaccines, blood, organ and tissue transplants requires high precision. Because the transportation of each material directly concerns human health. For this reason, the equipment used in the transport of medical products should be chosen correctly. Medical coolers used for pharmaceutical transportation are the most important part of this equipment.

Coolermed offers products with different volumes and features among medical transport outdoor coolers. Thus, it is possible to transport medical supplies professionally and without any problems. A microprocessor is used as a control unit in outdoor coolers, which are generally 12/24 V DC as energy source.

With Coolermed standard series products, it becomes possible to realize fixed transfers or long-term transfers. Suitable for transfers up to 15 hours. It can also be used in many areas. The body of the products is produced with a special technique. Thus, the refrigerator cabinets are more resistant to external impacts. This feature is very important as outdoor products are more likely to be damaged. The fact that it can be used with solar panels allows storage in difficult conditions where there is no electrical energy.

One of the important equipment for pharmaceutical transportation is a freezer and ultra-deep freezers. Because the products should not be affected by weather changes during transportation. Freezers appropriately transport materials such as all kinds of vaccines, drugs, blood and serum.

It can also be used as a mobile station. It also saves energy with its solar panel. Coolermed ultra-deep freezers can provide cold air between -40 and -72 degrees. They are ideal products for the safe storage of biological products by using low-energy outdoors.

There are also accessories needed for the outdoor use of medical coolers. An example of this is Coolermed Solar Box products, which convert renewable energy sources such as the sun into consumable energy sources. 

They are products suitable for outdoor use in areas where energy sources are unavailable during transportation. Thus, the desired cold air is provided for the products, and a sensitive approach for the environment is displayed. It also works with the help of batteries.

You can examine the products related to pharmaceutical transportation under the guidance of Coolermed and easily obtain the equipment you need.

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