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Maintenance of Blood Bank Refrigerator

Maintenance of Blood Bank Refrigerator

Blood bank refrigerators; are cabinets designed for blood storage for blood centres, laboratories, and hospitals. Different groups of blood are stored on the shelves in the blood storage cabinets until they need to be used. The most important function of blood storage cabinets is to provide the appropriate temperature at which blood should be stored and to prevent deterioration. However, for blood storage cabinets to work efficiently, timely maintenance is required. That’s why it’s so important to take time for the maintenance of the blood bank refrigerator.

Cabinets that are not properly maintained on time cause the blood not to be used when needed. The features of blood storage cabinets are also effective in ease of maintenance. We have researched the details of blood cabinets and blood storage cabinet maintenance for you. While addressing this issue, we also share the features of the blood storage cabinets of Coolermed, which offers its products with an innovative approach in the health sector. You can read what you need to know about the maintenance of blood bank refrigerators in this article.

What is the Blood Bank Refrigerator Used for?

The blood circulating in the body is the most important fluid for human life. It carries oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. It removes waste materials. Blood is a tissue composed of structures, each of which has different characteristics. Today, the number of patients in need of blood is also quite high. To meet this need, blood taken from blood centers and hospitals is kept in a blood bank refrigerator before use.

Although the working logic of blood storage cabinets, which are frequently used among medical refrigerators, is similar to the refrigerator, they are cabinets with a more sensitive structure due to blood products. Blood has a certain temperature at which it must be kept. This temperature remains unchanged. In addition to blood taken from donors for later use, blood samples taken from laboratories should be stored for 24 hours. In all these processes, it is important not to freeze the blood.

The +4 degrees temperature required for blood products is possible with blood storage cabinets. This is why the blood bank refrigerator needs to record the temperature at certain intervals. Coolermed blood cabinets can record the last 30 days and transfer data via USB. Thus, it becomes easier to notice the disruptions in the blood storage process.

Blood storage cabinets also provide an advantage in case of an increase in the amount of blood that needs to be stored. Coolermed products have blood storage cabinets that you can use in different volumes. In addition, unlike other cabinets, blood storage cabinets have drawers and transparent plexiglass in these drawers. These features make it easier to store the blood bags in an upright position and to read the blood group. Blood storage cabinets are also used to store blood in the most appropriate conditions and as much as possible. Therefore, it has an important function in the health sector.

Why is the Blood Bank Refrigerator Important?

Medical supplies are very important for human health. For these materials to be used when needed, care must be taken in storage conditions. The deterioration of medical materials due to storage conditions is not only effective on human health. At the same time, it also wears out the health sector economically. Therefore, it is a priority to use a medical refrigerator to protect medical products. However, one of the issues to be considered is providing a suitable storage cabinet for the product to be stored when choosing a medical cooler. It is not possible to store blood products in service cabinets. Special cabinets with temperature monitors are preferred for blood storage.

Ambient temperature, humidity, and light are the factors to be considered for storing blood components. Because if the correct storage conditions are not provided, the risk of bacterial contamination of blood products increases. Using a blood storage cabinet and maintaining a blood storage cabinet when necessary eliminates many risks associated with blood deterioration. One of these risks is a power outage. The activation of the battery in the blood storage cabinet prevents the cooling process from being interrupted.

Considering the storage conditions of blood products, hygiene is very important. One of the reasons why the blood storage cabinet is important is that these cabinets provide high hygiene conditions. Devices that are maintenance of blood bank refrigerator, continue to provide maximum performance in terms of hygiene. Blood storage cabinets have served as an efficient storage function for you for many years.

Requirements for Maintenance of Blood Bank Refrigerator

Blood components have a certain storage temperature, shelf life, and administration time. Disruption of these processes causes the deterioration of products. Only blood products stored in blood storage cabinets can be used safely. Maintenance of blood bank refrigerators is also an important part of this process. However, some steps need to be performed to ensure complete care. We have compiled the tricks for the maintenance of a blood bank refrigerator for you. You can review these steps to use your device for a long time and in a healthy way.

Correct Placement of the Blood Storage Cabinet

An important step in blood maintenance of blood bank refrigerators is the proper location of the cabinet. The area where the blood storage cabinet is placed affects the performance of the device. We can summarize the factors that should be considered when placing the blood storage cabinet in the environment as follows:

  • The blood storage cabinet should be installed in a humidity-free environment.
  • It should not be exposed to effects such as direct sun heat and central heating. Ideally, the room temperature is between 15-32 degrees.
  • It should be adjusted so that there is a distance of at least 10 cm on the sides and back of the cabinet and at least 30 cm on the top.
  • Leveling feet should be fully leveled from the right and left of the device and should be adjusted slightly inclined from front to back.
  • Care should be taken to prevent the door gasket from leaking.
  • The power line used must be grounded.

When the conditions for the placement of the blood storage cabinet are not provided correctly, it becomes difficult to maintain the desired temperature. However, the life of the device is also shortened. The stainless steel body in Coolermed blood storage cabinets is very effective in making the product durable and long-lasting. It is also easy to clean. The fact that the blood storage cabinet is easy to clean also simplifies the stages of maintenance of the blood bank refrigerator.

Using the Blood Storage Cabinet for Blood Storage Only

The storage conditions of different medical supplies also differ. Medicines, vaccines, and blood may need to be stored at different temperatures. To get the best results from the medical cabinets, the cabinet should be selected according to the characteristics of the product to be stored. For example, due to the characteristics of Coolermed medical freezers, drugs that need to be stored at different temperatures can be stored together. However, blood products should only be stored in blood storage cabinets. These cabinets can keep the temperature required for blood products constant.

Periodic Maintenance On Time

Another issue to be considered about the maintenance of blood bank refrigerators regular maintenance. However, it is also very important that periodic maintenance is carried out by the authorities. The service manual describing the features of the blood storage cabinet should be taken into account.

When the product is supplied for the maintenance of the blood bank refrigerator, transportation and service to technical services are very important. Coolermed products are installed by authorized service. In addition, necessary training is also given for the use of the products. You can use Coolermed products and blood storage cabinets for many years without losing their first-day performance. Moreover, with Coolermed, you can experience the maximum reflection of the developing technology on the products. You can evaluate the products with the volume and features you want. With Coolermed, you can easily get technical support for the maintenance of your blood bank refrigerator.

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