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Lyophilization Usage Areas and Advantages

Lyophilization Usage Areas and Advantages

With the advancement of technology, the processes related to the storage and storage of products that require precision are also getting easier. These products include food, cosmetics and medical products. In particular, the correct preservation of biological and medical products is among the factors affecting human health. In this respect, the more advanced the storage methods are, the more their contribution to the health sector increases.

The lyophilization technology, which is effectively used in Coolermed products, is among the most reliable methods of storing medical products. Before getting to know the products that provide lyophilization, we answer the question “What is lyophilization?” and consider the usage areas and advantages of lyophilization, thinking that it will be beneficial. In this way, you can examine the information that reveals the importance of lyophilization technology in our article.

What is Lyophilization?

Lyophilization with its shortest definition; known as freeze drying. The product desired to be obtained in lyophilization is dry and active; however, they are considered as products that have a long shelf life and dissolve easily. It is possible to detail how lyophilization is done for those who are curious. It is defined as a process that combines the maximum benefits of freezing and drying processes.

The product is completely frozen. The ice crystals formed under a vacuum atmosphere are sublimated. The whole process takes place at low temperature. This prevents the products from being damaged. In the application process of lyophilization, the difficulties are mentioned a lot. However, the advantages of lyophilization usage areas are effective in the preference of this method. There are 3 steps in the lyophilization process:

  1. Ice cream
  2. Primary drying
  3. Secondary drying

The success of the lyophilization process is shown depending on the compatibility of the transition between these steps. In this way, the loss in the product decreases and its stability increases.

Lyophilization and Usage Areas

Lyophilization seems to be an important process especially for the preservation of heat sensitive biological materials and products. The uses of lyophilization in daily life are concentrated in various industries:

  • Stabilization of living materials such as microbial culture
  • Preservation of animal specimens exhibited in the museum, recycling of wooden products, books or archaeological products of value in the field of museology
  • drying flowers
  • Recovery of manuscripts and documents damaged by fire or flood
  • Vaccine types such as veterinary products, individual pet vaccines
  • Food products such as tea, coffee, fruit vegetables or meat products

One of the most common usage areas of lyophilization is the healthcare industry. Lyophilization is involved in the production chain of vaccines for many diseases.

Looking at the process, vaccines, biological materials and microorganisms can be preserved by cooling and freezing. However, the transportation and storage of these products carries the risks of systemic failure along with high costs. In this respect, the lyophilization method provides an important advantage in stabilizing these products. In addition, lyophilization usage areas; It is also effective for long-term preservation of perishable drugs.

Lyophilization Technology and Its Importance

The word lyophilization has its origins in Greek. It comes from the term “Lyophil”, which means “solvent-loving, liquid-attracting.” The fact that it is a method used for drying meat dates back to the Incas period. In 1890, it was used to dry tissues below -20 degrees, and to dry animal tissues in 1905. In 1930s, needs such as heat-sensitive drugs and antibiotics, and processing of blood products were out of the laboratory technique. lyophilization uses are expanding.

The main reason for the question of why lyophilization is done is shown as the purpose of dehydration of the products without losing their basic properties. It contains a technology that does not harm the product. In this respect, it plays an important role in many industrial areas and in the health sector. For those wondering, the advantages of lyophilization are listed as follows:

  • Heat is not used due to its damaging effect on the products. The lower temperature allows the drug and samples to stabilize.
  • The shape and content of the dried product do not deteriorate.
  • It extends the shelf life of products. An important factor among the usage areas of lyophilization is considered as shelf life.
  • It reduces the weight and volume of samples. The effect of this also emerges during the transportation phase. It provides the ideal size for the transportation of products. It provides a great advantage in terms of transportation and storage costs.
  • It facilitates the preservation of perishable products. It ensures that products that can be stored at room temperature can be stored.

Temperature and water have a negative effect on medical samples, especially biological products that need to be stored for a long time. Lyophilization appears to be one of the most effective methods of preserving these products.

Lyophilizers and Medical Cooling

Each stage of lyophilization has very important steps. This necessitates sterile conditions and special equipment suitable for lyophilization in the environment where the process is performed. Lyophilization process is carried out in lyophilizer devices. Devices using lyophilization technology among medical cooling equipment are defined as lyophilizers. The way these devices work is very attractive for the healthcare industry. Because this technology involves freezing the water first and then drying it in the next step. Turning the water into ice and completely removing the ice from the water provides the most suitable storage conditions for medical products that require precision. There are opinions that this working principle in lyophilizers will increase the efficiency, especially in the production of live vaccines.

Coolermed medical cooling devices; It offers a healthy way to store medical products in hospitals, clinics, laboratories and pharmacies. In addition to cabinets that provide vaccine and blood storage functions, lyophilizers that provide lyophilization are of great importance. Reliability in these storage conditions is very effective in choosing Coolermed products.

Lyophilization Technology in Medical Coolers

While the usage areas of lyophilization become widespread in the health sector over time, the importance of medical coolers is increasing. First of all, it is possible to list the benefits of using medical freezers in medical fields as follows;

  • Blood samples and laboratory samples are stored securely.
  • It provides convenience in the storage of medicines and vaccines in the summer months when the temperatures increase more.
  • It allows vaccines, drugs and samples to be preserved in a healthy manner during transport.

The lyophilization method is of great importance in the medical field, especially in the storage of vaccines and other injectable products. Necessary sterile conditions for these products are provided by lyophilization. In addition to its important effects on human health, economic damages are also prevented. The features of lyophilizers support their intended use in the most effective and reliable way.

Among Coolermed products, lyophilizers ensure that important medical products such as vaccines are kept intact. When choosing among these devices that extend their shelf life, it is of great importance to choose the appropriate device for the quality of the stored product. For this reason, we list the lyophilizers among Coolermed devices and their features below for you.

  • FD150-280 Liters
  • FD16-16/20KG
  • FD4-4/5KG
  • FD8-8/10KG

Among these devices, the FD150-280 liter stands out when it comes to large-volume production. One of the highlights of the FD150 is that it is the first industrial freeze dry machine designed for large-scale operations. In this respect, this device is presented as a specially designed product among the lyophilization uses.

You can see the difference of Coolermed devices among the lyophilization usage areas. You can choose the lyophilization device that is suitable for you among the Coolermed devices offered with its useful design. You can easily benefit from the advantages of Coolermed in the storage and transportation of medical products.

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