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Medical Coolers in Power Outages

Medical Coolers in Power Outage

One of the most important requirements of the modern world is electrical energy. Because electricity is used in many areas such as transportation, industry, food, agriculture and medicine. The importance of electricity becomes more apparent with the disruptions experienced as a result of the blackouts. Power outages greatly affect the devices used and the duration of use of the devices.

Especially for devices used in the health sector, it is necessary to take effective measures against power outages. The technology developed for medical cabinets where medical supplies are kept is important for power outages. Because it makes a great contribution to the health sector. That’s why we share what you need to know about medical coolers and medical waste cabinets in power outages in our article.

Damages Caused by Power Outages

Among the places where electrical energy is used in daily life, there are many different places such as homes, educational institutions, hospitals and clinics. The number of places where electrical energy does not reach is decreasing day by day. Many things used are dependent on electricity. Therefore, even a short-term interruption brings negative effects. The most important of the negativities caused by power outages is the damage to the devices.

Because the suddenly changing voltage causes devices to break down more quickly. However, the use of some electronic devices to store products increases the importance of these devices. The most common of these is the deterioration of food products due to power outages. As a result, it is seen that power outages cause economic losses at many different levels, from production to storage.

Precautions to be Taken for Power Outages

It is not always possible to prevent power outages. However, there are measures that can be taken for power outages. Here are important tips to protect electronic devices against the damage of power outages:

  • If electrical devices are not used, removing the plugs from the socket prevents the devices from being affected in case of sudden power outages.
  • Especially for residences, turning off the fuse during long periods such as holidays is important in cases such as a power outage or a blown fuse.
  • Placing electronic devices away from windows prevents the devices from getting hot due to the sun’s heat. Because the heating of the device along with the power outage accelerates its deterioration.

It is possible to take precautions against power outages. Some devices provide technical convenience in this regard. It is also recommended to use the following tools to protect devices during power outages.

  • Generators are mostly used for business centers or large buildings. It kicks in when the power goes out. Thus, electronic devices continue to work without being damaged.
  • The power adapter provides protection against high current in power outages. It prevents the damage caused by voltage changes to the devices.
  • Solar chargers are especially preferred for all devices that require charging. Because environmentally friendly, renewable solar energy systems are also of great importance for the future.

One of the indispensable criteria for sustainable life is to use renewable energy. Providing this, Coolermed makes a difference in the medical sector with its products. Moreover, Coolermed draws attention with its advanced technology against power outages.

Things to Know About Medical Coolers in Power Outages

Refrigerators are of great importance in medical refrigeration equipment. Medical cooling devices; are known as medical freezers used to store vaccines, drugs, blood and other samples. Medical cabinets are very sensitive in terms of stored products. Therefore, medical coolers are among the devices that need to be protected especially during power outages. Here is the importance of medical coolers:

  • It is among the important storage areas used in hospitals, clinics, laboratories and pharmacies.
  • In particular, it provides the storage of vaccines and drugs that need to remain at a certain temperature.
  • Correct storage conditions of blood samples are provided by medical coolers. Medical coolers are also used to protect the analysis samples, which are important for the diagnosis of diseases.
  • It provides the equipment needed in cases where medical products need to be transported.

The more advanced medical coolers are and the more they are prepared for power outages, the more useful they are. Coolermed products provide an advantage even in the smallest disruption, thanks to their 30-day recording feature and USB recording-recording features.

Another important method used in health services is the cold chain application. In this application, it is of great importance to maintain the desired temperature. In this case, no matter how effective medical coolers are in power outages, it does not harm the cold chain application.

Rising Technology in Medical Coolers

The rapid progress in the health sector necessitates an innovative approach for medical coolers during power outages. Coolermed medical cooling devices have a wide range in this respect. You can also evaluate the technology and features of Coolermed products.

  • As long as the USB is plugged in, the sensor data is transferred to the USB every 30 seconds. In this way, information can be preserved against any risk.
  • Wireless communication is used. If the Wi-Fi module is available, an e-mail is sent to the end user in case of any error.
  • The battery is automatically activated when the supply voltage is outage off. The sensor continues to measure, record and display. However, all other exits are closed.
  • The most important long-term advantage of Coolermed products is the recording time. If a microSD card is inserted, up to 10 years of data can be saved.
  • A warning is given for the door that remains open for more than 30 seconds with the switch and the error is reflected on the screen.
  • Menus can be protected with passwords.
  • Thanks to the clock battery, the clock information continues even if there is no mains or battery in the cabinet. When the cabinet is restarted, the clock does not go back.
  • The whole algorithm of the software is designed module by module, the devices do not allow any plugging and renew itself. Even for the worst case scenario, the software resets the processor.

One of the most remarkable features of Coolermed products is the 30-day recording feature and recording and recording via USB. However, there is another important feature for medical coolers during power outages. The ability to see and record information on the screen for 72 hours with the battery in case of power failure provides assurance against adverse conditions. It also prevents data loss while storing sensitive products such as vaccines and drugs.

Coolermed Outdoor Accessories Against Power Outages

Storage and storage of medical products are among the top medical needs. At this stage, among medical coolers in case of power outages, Coolermed provides great benefits with its outdoor cooler accessories. Because these devices transform renewable energy sources into consumable energy sources. While one of the important advantages of this is the cost, an environmentally sensitive approach is also displayed. Outdoor accessories are operated in areas where there is no electrical energy and are also powered by batteries. These devices facilitate the safe storage of medical products until their expiration date. It is possible to say that the contribution of outdoor accessories to the health sector among medical coolers during power outages is great.

Coolermed outdoor accessories have different features according to needs. Considering the working principles, these products can generate electricity with solar energy panels in places where there is no electricity grid. It is also possible to run the coolers with the help of the battery. In this way, medical coolers can continue to function safely during power outages. Coolermed offers two effective products among outdoor accessories. You can also choose these products for medical coolers against power outages:

  • Solar Box
  • 2 Solar Boxes

Durability and data storage are among the important reasons for preference for medical coolers during power outages. Therefore, one of the outstanding features of Coolermed products is their ergonomic structure and durability. You can also evaluate and use the device you need among Coolermed products against power outages. With its uninterrupted cooling and reportable system, you can safely store your medical products until their expiration date.

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