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Medical Freezer & Ultra Deep Freezer: Which One Is The Right Choice For You?

Freezer & Ultra Deep Freezer: Which One Is The Right Choice For You?

As a result of medical developments and the needs in the health sector, medical coolers have become the most important devices. In particular, we can say that some drugs and products need to be stored at lower temperatures. But between using a freezer & ultra-deep freezer, which one is the right choice? For the answer to this question, the characteristics of the medical product to be stored and the characteristics of the medical cabinet are of great importance.

Medical freezers and ultra-deep freezers are of great importance in the healthcare industry. The deterioration of medical supplies such as drugs and vaccines adversely affects both human health and the country’s economy. It is necessary to use the appropriate medical freezer, especially for the low temperature required by some vaccine types. That’s why we share important information about medical freezers and ultra-deep freezers for you. In addition, we are talking about the Coolermed medical freezer & ultra-deep freezer features, which stand out with its innovative products.

What is a Medical Freezer?

Cabinets that allow medical products to be stored at the desired temperature in hospitals, clinics, and laboratories are defined as medical freezer cabinets. Medical freezers are very important storage areas for the deterioration of medical products. Many sensitive materials such as drugs, vaccines, and blood samples can be stored in medical freezers. Because each product has a certain temperature at which it must be stored. Thanks to the medical freezer cabinets, even the most medically sensitive products can be safely stored.

When it comes to medical freezer cabinets, one wonders which is the right choice between the freezer and an ultra-deep freezer. Depending on the places where the medical freezer is used and the characteristics of the product, you may need to use a different model of medical freezer. However, it should be noted that medical cabinets are in size and features that can be easily used in any area. It can be used without any problems even in narrow places. Medical cabinets are in a size that can be easily carried anywhere.

Advantages of Medical Freezer

The function of medical freezer cabinets for healthcare institutions is very large. However, it is necessary to use medical freezer cabinets not only indoors but also outdoors. The transportation of medical products and the continuation of the cold chain application when necessary increase the importance of medical freezers. Medical cabinets are needed for the safe transportation of medical products, regardless of whether they are freezers or ultra-deep freezers between medical transport and outdoor freezers.

Coolermed, which produces innovative products in the health sector, offers medical freezers in many different models. When Coolermed products are examined, the benefits of using a medical freezer are as follows:

  • Medical freezers provide both a comfortable and safe transportation opportunity during the transportation of products.
  • Outdoor medical freezers can be used easily with solar panels, thus saving energy.
  • Many products with different properties can be stored together at the same time.
  • As the body structure is durable, medical products can be protected against external factors.

When looking at freezer and ultra-deep freezer products, it is necessary to evaluate according to the temperature required by the product. For biological products that need to be stored at a lower temperature, ultra-freezers can be ideal.

What Does Ultra Deep Freeze Do?

It is possible to use ultra-deep freezers for products that need to be stored between -40 and -72 degrees Celsius. More systematic and professional conditions are provided for the storage of medical products. Ultra-deep freezers are located between outdoor freezer cabinets. Therefore, the importance of ultra-deep freezers for the production and transportation of medical products is very great. Ultra-deep freezers are ideal for products that have different characteristics and require transportation at different temperatures.

What Should Be Considered While Buying a Medical Freezer Cabinet?

When buying a freezer or ultra-deep freezer, attention should be paid to the properties of the medicinal products to be stored and the temperature they require. Especially ultra-deep freezers can have many different qualities in terms of energy source, operating range, and internal and external dimensions. This ensures that medical products are kept intact in every environment and at the stage of transport. You can examine the product suitable for you between the freezer and the ultra-deep freezer on our website.

Difference between Freezer and Ultra Deep Freezer

One of the key differences between a freezer and an ultra-deep freezer is the operating temperature rating. The fact that ultra-deep freezers can operate at temperatures as low as -86 degrees Celsius is very safe for temperature-sensitive products. Moreover, ultra-deep freezers provide ideal transportation security for medical products during transportation processes.

The fact that Coolermed products can work with solar panels and batteries provides a great advantage in places where there is no electrical energy. We offer you a table with the Coolermed medical freezer and ultra-deep freezer features.

Coolermed Medical Freezer and Freezer Features

1. Medical Freezer Cabinets

Model Features
M180FR-175 Liter
  • -25 degrees can be set.
  • It is suitable for narrow spaces.
  • It has high mobility as it has wheels.
  • Applications and software developed by Coolermed engineers are used.
M260FR-228 Liter
  • -25 degrees can be set.
  • It works safely in the -5 and -30 degree range.
  • Electrostatic powder painted outer body is resistant to corrosion.
M390FR-362 Liter
  •  It has a 4.3 TFT LCD touchscreen. Remote temperature monitoring can be provided.
  • There is a written and audible alarm system that informs about situations such as power cuts and doors being left open.

2. Medical Ultra Deep Freezers

Model Features
LWF370-377 Liter, LWF470-490 Liter, LWF670-606 Liter
  • It works more efficiently than the classical cooling system with -86 degrees.
  • It has a shelf cooling system. Products are cooled directly from the shelf by heat transfer.
  • It has a -86-degree cooling system.
  • It has a shelf cooling system.
  • The extra covers inside the door ensure that only the required shelf is used and other shelves are not affected by the heat.
M400 PLZ-286 Liter ve M660 PLZ-606 Liter
  • Plasma and plasma products can be transported safely in the operating range of -25 and -42 degrees.
  • Only authorized persons can use it thanks to the lockable doors.
  • It has data transfer technology.
  • It can be connected to the local network by LAN.
  • In the event of a power cut, information can be accessed and recorded for 72 hours with the battery.

Outdoor Medical Freezer and Ultra Deep Freezer Features

1. Medical Outdoor Freezer

Model Features
Coolermed AC100FR
  • Operating temperatures of -20 to -22 degrees.
  • Solar panel and battery case included.
  • 212 liters gross volume.
Coolermed AC25FR
  • Shock-resistant body.
  • Operates on 12/24 volts, solar panel compatible.
  • Suitable for long-term medicinal product transfer.
Coolermed AC50FR 133 Liter
  • Operating temperatures of -20 to -22 degrees.
  • Solar panel and battery case included.
  • 133 liters gross volume.

2. Medical Outdoor Ultra Deep Freezers

Model Features
Coolermed AC100LFR 212 Liter
  • Its gross volume is 212 liters.
  • The operating temperature is -40 degrees and the operating range is -25 and -42 degrees.
Coolermed AC200LFR 296 Liter
  • Its gross volume is 296 liters.
  • The operating temperature is -40 and -72 degrees.
  • Includes solar panel bag and battery pack bag.
Coolermed AC50UFR 133 Liter
  • Its gross volume is 133 liters.
  • The operating temperature is -25 and -42 degrees.
  • Includes solar panel bag and battery pack bag.
  • The first cooling time is 24 hours from 32 degrees + 4 degrees.
Coolermed AC50UFR 212 Liter
  • Its gross volume is 212 liters.
  • The operating temperature is -25 and -42 degrees.
  • Includes solar panel bag and battery pack bag.

You can compare the freezer and ultra-deep freezer products that are suitable for you and examine them on our site. You can reach our previous article from https://coolermed.com/what-are-the-medicine-storage-conditions-in-veterinary-clinics/